Information & Experience Sharing Through Maps

Design Degree Project | Service Design


The aim of this project is to understand the use of maps in the spatial domain and use them as a tool for providing context based information. The project also aims at understanding the use of maps one level above navigation and looking at maps as a tool for gathering location based information more than providing just information to the users. As the project advanced more emphasis was given to sharing of experiences among local people which further narrowed the focus to understanding and exchanging shared information which is location based.

The target audience being travelers, the project aimed at designing a mobile map application that would help the travelers during their stages of travel and cater to their needs and requirements.

Keeping in mind the keywords like travel, experience, information, sharing an attempt was thus made to come up with a map based travel application that understands the main feature of its target audience that is mobility

The way I approached my project:


Some Brainstorming and Mindmapping sessions let to great keywords to move further

A conclusion was drawn based on my research, user studies and mindmaps

Finally, it was the time to identify the need. That is what the current systems lack and what improvements can i give as inputs. thus I defined certain keywords

All this led to the development of my initial design idea which was a travel planner on the mobile phone.

This concept was based on the insight that reference from friends and relatives who have already  been to the place helps in decision making of important things like, where to stay, what to do etc when a person visits a new location.

A user testing was done using paper prototyes on the initial concept and certain refinements were made accordingly

This application helps the traveler to plan his trips based on reference trips of his friends

To watch a video click the below link:

“Set_Trip Video”

This application is an onsite application which acts like a local guide to help the traveler all through the travel but at the same time keeps him connected with recommendations of the places which his friends had experienced during their travel


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